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  • Driving license (B)

    Driving lessons for your drivers license is an exciting experience which you will remember your whole life! Your driving license is something that almost lasts forever and you will held it for over 40, or maybe 50 or 60 years from now!

    Your training

    We always make sure you get a customized training, based on your skills. We care about you as a future driver so we like to introduce ourselves properly.

    A quick start to your driving license

    Therefor we always start the training with a trial lesson as intake. This is the perfect opportunity to know each other and gives us (and you) an idea of your current driving skills. In this way we can give you an appropriate advice about the amount of lessons you will need to obtain your driving license.

    After the trial lesson we ask you for your availability to schedule your driving lessons. You will always have driving lessons at the times you specified. You can choose for a rapid driving course to get your driving license on short term, or schedule your driving lessons equal and take it easy!

    Theory test

    During your driving lessons you will encounter multiple traffic situations and soon enough you will start to recognize them. To get prepared and discover the do’s and don’ts in traffic it is important to study for- and pass the Theory test.

    The Theory test is a test at the CBR (similar to the English DSA) which will examine your knowledge about the rules in traffic and how to handle in traffic situations.

    Get ready for your practical exam!

    After you passed the Theory test and progress your driving lessons your theoretical and practical experience will probably tell you how to handle in traffic. You’re confident and know how to handle the car and how to deal correctly with other road users. You will apply the finishing touch to your driving skills and get ready for the last exam!

    Practical exam

    It’s time! You are ready to pass for your practical exam. Together with your driving coach you are going to prepare yourself with a last driving lesson before your exam. You will sign up at the CBR for your exam and wait for the doors to open. After a short introduction and conversation with the examiner you will get in the car. The ride takes 30 to 40 minutes and you are going to show your skills and let the examiner see what you’re made of!

  • Packages and pricing Driving license

    PAcKage A

    € 1064,-

    • 10 lessons of 90 minutes
    • Practical exam

    Package B

    € 1454,-

    • 15 lessons of 90 minutes
    • Practical exam


    € 1844,-

    • 20 lessons of 90 minutes
    • Practical exam


    € 2234,- 

    • 25 lessons of 90 minutes
    • Practical exam


    € 2624,- 

    • 30 lessons of 90 minutes
    • Practical exam


    € 3014,- 

    • 35 lessons of 90 minutes
    • Practical exam

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